Become Rich Through The Internet

How to Start a Business Online

Starting an online business by building a blog or weblog is a fast and cheapest way, and even can be called as online business with no capital at all. Only two kinds of capital, and investment of our writing time.But most people would say "I do not write. It was hard when I have to look for writing ideas. And again I am currently working as an employee, where there is free time ... ". Ah, actually, all the earlier problems can be overcome. It's easy, which is important as long as we have the desire and want a little change and sacrifice. That's it.If you think you can not write, try to remember back when you were attending school. Or if you are still sitting in school today, certainly reminded when learning to write. The proof we can tuh write.About the idea of ​​writing ... in fact we have many sources of ideas really. You have a particular hobby, it's also a decent source of the idea of ​​selling. Or now we're working in a company at a particular section, a graduate student, high school students, or rather read the newspaper every day, it was all a source of ideas that you can also take advantage of.Well now we begin what steps should we do to build a blog, which can later be used as our online business. Remember, when starting an online business now, a moment later when we retired it will be able to imagine what kind of results. Well now let's start step by step one at a time.

Determine the topic or theme of the blog that you will make. For example, you love to read many newspapers. Then you can select the theme of the news in the newspaper you read. Can also often be added with a comment or review from you.
Choose a keyword or keywords you want to use. Are you using keywords that will be popular or not, and whether you will use keywords that have high levels of competition are still able to overcome or not. It's very important you know. To make it easier you can download the free software to search for keywords that are popular or much sought after, such as those offered by Goodkeywords. Or utilize data basenya have a data base on the most popular keywords 1.000. Choose as many keywords related to your chosen theme earlier.
Choosing the right blog hosting and user friendly. As a beginner in online business I recommend using Go to and create a blog. That must be considered truly are title and blog address ( must contain the keyword you have chosen. The goal is to Search Engine Marketing. If we take the example of various science blog, the blog address you would like And then finally select the blog template you will use.
Start writing (articles) or start new post. For starters you can write a welcome to visitors of your blog. Or you express the content of this blog. Perform at least three times per week.
Start promoting your blog by sending it to Google, Yahoo and MSN. And do not forget to also send it to blog directories. Remember, no matter how good the content of your blog will not mean anything without visitors.
In order for a blog that was created to make money, sign up for free affiliate program. I suggest you follow the Pay Per Click (PPC) affiliate program only. Supposing you are renting space on the blog to others for advertising. In addition to simple, just a few minutes of your online business can make money (dollar). You will get paid every time a visitor clicks on ads that appear on your blog, whether the transaction or not. Live now, affiliate program would you choose depends on the language used in your blog. For the English or other foreign languages, there are many choices, such as Google Adsense, AdBrite or Bidvertiser. However, if you blog in Indonesian language there are only a few options, AdBrite or Bidvertiser.
In order for your online business a quick success, I suggest make a schedule for writing an article (post) for the blog and promote it. Have records. Every time you change or add something to the blog noted in detail, so you know what changes may increase the income from your blog.

Good luck, start now. And remember always ... all the existing knowledge.

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